Gumpert Tornante

Remember the Gumpert Apollo? It boasted world-beating performance while wearing a face only a mother could love. Thanks to design firm Touring Superleggera, the Apollo now has a much better looking new sibling sharing the Gumpert stable. It’s called Tornante, which, according to Google Translate, means “hairpin bend” in Italian. For all we care, it could mean “Sexy Catfish” because it’s a huge leap forward in style when compared to the Apollo, even if the split-window Chevrolet Corvette rump is derivative and more than a little unflattering.

Gumpert Tornante

Just because this new Gumpert is softer doesn’t mean it has any less bite than the Apollo. Gasoline is fed to the mighty 4.2-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces 700-horsepower. The Tornante utilizes the same TT40e transmission as the Apollo but received paddle-shifters.

We’re still waiting for more details to rise to the surface, because word on the Geneva streets is that Gumpert has an even more powerful version planned for the future. Apollo owners, feel free to remove the bag from your head and head-on out to your local Gumpert dealer. Just tell them you want “the prettier one” this time.

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