Modern Latino Fashion! Easy tips to whip up your style and dress for success!



Are you the kind of macho who walks in his closet and can only find the same old jackets, pants and few dress shirt??? Well then let me introduce you to a whole new world of wide wale corduroys, twill chinos, nylon pullovers, wool suits, stripped dress shirts, ties, dress socks, dress belt, cufflinks and tie bars! Ok, I don’t want to bore you but see my point?? There is so much more then your favorite jeans and T-shirts and there comes a time when you should dress like you mean business!


Now, don’t get scared I’m not saying you should wear a suit and tie everyday but I bet the casual department need some serious help!

Dressing casually does not mean dressing like a bum and yet that’s what many of us do. Even men who wear suits on a daily basis find that their weekend/evening clothing is severely lacking.  T-shirt and jeans has become the uniform of the off duty male and if we’re really casual, we find a way to wear our old sweat shirts and sweatpants with no intention of breaking a sweat.


Now dressing that casually isn’t a bad thing…Uh when we’re watching TV on a Saturday morning or working around the house. But to wear clothing this casual to your daughters recital?  Or to meet your wife’s coworkers at a weekend picnic?

Well sorry to burst your bubble but if you want to go places you need indeed! To step up your casual clothing; a man often represents his family and he always represent himself, so let’s pretend you’ve reach certain age and you don’t want to look like a slugger anymore and are trying to impress people. Don’t make it a big deal because is not, is as easy as knowing what fits your body type, think about where you are going and dress accordingly.


v-neck teedenin jeans-hot lookchinos


Although you may not be the center of attention, you are forming impressions. You can’t control everything; you can however ensure your personal presentation is taken seriously and sends a positive message.

Just because we are guys doesn’t mean we don’t know how to dress and dress appropriately, still asking yourself why is important?  Think about this, you never know where a relationship may go.The next person you start a conversation with might be your next client; that “coworker” you sat next to, just might be the owner of your wife’s company.

In seconds people decide if they like you or not …Are you with me?






Dress right and set yourself up for success, it works the same way for women and men! Dress like a buffoon, and well, you might have been better not showing up at all! Is like your mamma told you, you just wasn’t paying attention!

Four easy and quick ways to elevate your game.

  1. Pay attention to the fit of your clothing.
  2. Ensure the clothing you wear is made of good fabric and constructed properly.
  3. Aim for styles that are classic and that compliment your body type.
  4. Wear quality footwear! Leave the sandals for the beach and running shoes for running.

And if you feel totally lost you can always ask your sister/girlfriend/or that nicely looking buddy we all have to hook you up with some basic pieces.

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