Six Positions During Pregnancy!

Six comfortable and safe positions for having sex during pregnancy.

1. The Missionary: Basic and comfortable, as the woman is lying comfortably without any force. The man controls the penetration and pace, but it is important that he is resting on his hands and does not carry his weight on the belly of the woman (up to the 5th month).


2. Woman on Top: Lying on your back while the woman is on top. This position is ideal as the woman can control the pace  and depth of penetration. It also lets you keep your hands free to caress her breast.

3. Spooning: The woman lies on her side, in a curled position. You lie behind her and enter her from behind. The weight of the belly is resting on the bed while she relaxes. Penetration is shallow, so this can be a comfortable position during late pregnancy.


4. From Behind: The woman on all fours on the bed (or wherever), leaning down on pillows with you kneeling and entering her from behind. Or, try bending her over the bed (supported by pillows) with you standing and entering her from behind. This position has maximum penetration, so be carefull because it can get painful for the woman. Not a good position for advanced stages of pregnancy because the belly hangs and can weigh heavily.


5. Sitting: In this position, you sit on a sturdy, comfortable chair or on the edge of the bed while she straddles you.  You can have her sit in an armchair, upright or leaning back slightly, with her legs around you, while you kneel in front of her.  This approach frees the belly of any pressure and allows the woman to control the pace and penetration.

6. Anvil: Have the woman lie on her back, legs in the air and her feet resting on your shoulders. This position gives you full control of pace and penetration.  This position is good for women during 4-5 months.



So Fellas don’t allow pregnancy affect your love life with your significatn other.  Both partners can enjoy a safe and pleasurable time using these techniques.  Use these positions to enhance your intimancy with your love one.  Enjoy!!


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