A Guide to Seductive Strokes

How to Give the Ultimate Massage


In today’s episode we have Massage Therapist Joanne Savarese teaches Dan Soder the Mansome way to give a back massage. You start by warming up with the effleurage, a slow relaxing stroke from the shoulders to the hips. Follow up with the petrissage, which works deeper into the muscles. Finally, get out the knots with just the right amount of pressure and friction.



1.    Petrissage

    • Push hands down sides of body
    • Pull hands back up along body

2.    The Pac-Man

    • Make hands like pac-man
    • Pick up the muscles

3.    Getting out Knots

    • Find lump in muscle
    • Apply Pressure to lump
    • Friction over the lump

So Fellas if you want to become an expert in giving a more seductive massage watch this episode of Mansome.


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