5 Ways Exercise Can Improve your Sex Life

exercise better sex life

Looking to revive that flame in bed, well exercise might just be what you need! It may not be a goal you want to bring to your trainer but this sure is a dam good reason to hit the gym as often as you can, now it seems staying in shape and looking good might come in second!

You can improve your sexual athleticism through training and if you want to turn up that heat in the bedroom it can be as simple as dusting off your sneakers.

Always listen to the experts, Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD says:

“Physical fitness absolutely affects the physical intensity and quality of sex,”

And here we tell you exactly why all that hard work you put at the gym will pay off between the sheets:

1. It Boosts blood flow… “down there”

It just makes sense: The more you exercise, the healthier your arteries are, including the ones that go between your legs. While you exercise your healthy arteries expand and get blood going and this is huge for men since the better your blood flow, the stronger your erection.

2. It improves your stamina.

To cut right to the chase, the better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll last in bed. Keep in mind strong back muscles go a long way.

3. It improves flexibility.

If you and your partner want to spice things up and try new positions you might want to do some stretches first to get that power and flexibility going and you can reach new heavens.

4. It makes you feel hot.

Exercise makes you look good and feel good and that confidence translates over to the bedroom in the sense of your attractiveness just skies rock to make you perform how you want to, for as many times and for as long as you wan to.

5. I t boost testosterone.

Studies show men’s testosterone levels were highest during the 48 hours after they lifted weights, overall keeping in shape will prevent you from plummeting in bed! Start exercising your way to better sex!

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