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Whiskey Under the Sea



As a Scotsman, educator and connoisseur of all things Scotch Whisky, I travel the globe enlightening the masses about the distinct characteristics of this fine spirit—history, production, regional influence and, most importantly, how to enjoy drinking. In my travels, I’ve found one topic on many whisky drinkers’ minds: wood management and cask maturation, better known as the aging process. So here’s a quick primer.

Traditionally, wooden casks have been used to transport and house spirits. Time spent in the casks directly affects the flavor, and the relative humidity and temperature of the environment where the casks mature gives the spirit some of its essence. The surrounding atmosphere replaces some of the volume lost in the cask due to evaporation, a phenomenon affectionately referred to as the “Angel’s Share.”

Given my research in cask maturation, one can imagine my intrigue when I heard about another spirit, a rum, that is also aged in wooden casks… and spends its time maturing deep under the surface of the ocean. Seven fathoms deep, to be precise.

No joke. Seven Fathoms Distillery sits in the heart of Georgetown, Grand Cayman’s main port town. Rum has been produced in the Caribbean for centuries, but this is truly an unusual and novel approach. To learn more, I had the pleasure to join co-founder Walker Romanica at this innovative distillery for the day.

The result of this innovation, devotion, and true love affair with the art of fine rum? A libation that exudes everything you can imagine about a small island paradise. The spirit entices you with a brilliant amber color followed by a sweet caramelized nutty essence and raisin bread pudding aromas. The pallet picks up on delicate candied exotic fruits preceding the easy medium finish, with a slight hint of white peppery spice.

My only dilemma now is: where will I be laid for my final rest?  In Scotland, where I will benefit from the angels share with all my ancestors (and hopefully a few of the Victoria’s Secret Clan Angels)… or at sea in the Western Caribbean to enjoy my afterlife with the beauties of the deep?


Courtesy of Ricky Crawford…Thank you Ricky!!

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