Modern Latinos VIDEO: Tacos For Los Vatos


Grillin’ with Rico will take an inside look at local Latino flavor, as host Rico Chips goes from barrio to barrio grilling at intimate family-style barbecues for friends and familia.

Modern Latinos will take you off the beaten path with Grillin’ with Rico in Rico’s quest to find the coolest in comida and cultura as he grills up mouth-watering food while celebrating diverse Latino backgrounds.

Get ready for the best summer barbecue season of your life and don’t miss a single webisode of Grillin’ with Rico for grilling tips, recipes and much more!

On this week’s episode of Grillin’ With Rico: Join Rico as he rolls low and slow on Whittier Boulevard in a bomb 51. Rico takes us through the East side where checks out some ranflas on his way to hook up with Karli(from the blog) at BBQ where he grills up some firme carne asada.

Gotta Love Grillin in Da Hood Modern Latinos-thumbsup

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