Great Latin American Vacations! Visit Antigua Guatemala!!

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Have you heard about beautiful Central America and its hidden getaways!!! I’m sure you have, I’m sure you know one or two people who raves about their last trip to beautiful beaches and world class places filled with everything you could possible wish on your vacations! We have for you a great destination so you could join the fun when talking about the absolutely incredible time you had on that long due holiday.

The truth is no one who dares to experience the Latin and exotic flavor of its accommodations and great activities has any regrets or negative things to say! That’s why you hear more and more people daring to make the leap!

Today is the turn for a great destiny: Antigua Guatemala, referred to as just Antigua (or La Antigua). We are talking about the former colonial Spanish capital of Central America. It is a World Heritage site, and is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala.

Get ready to stroll the cobblestone streets, lounge with the locals in Central Park on sunny afternoons or hike up one of the volcanoes overlooking the city for amazing views.

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If you want to know a little about the rich history behind beautiful Antigua; it was built in an era of fantastic colonial wealth. Founded in 1543. Resting quietly in the valley of the Rio Pensativo, Antigua is surrounded by three enormous volcanoes; Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. History and geology have conspired to create a city of understated style and elegance in an absolutely spectacular corner of the world.

Experience the “Guatemala Tour, Hill of the Cross, Artisan Workshops, Coffee Farm Tour, Chocolate making class, bike tour” Wondering about food? Antigua has cafes and restaurants for all tastes and budgets-even the street ice cream carts-will delight you!

I’m telling you, you will fell in love of Antigua, all it takes is you standing there for one minute breathing fresh air and you’ll feel in heaven. Picture yourself inside a room tastily decorated, high ceilings, curtains opened and closed with a remote control, a little fridge with a good variety of drinks and custom made boxes of nuts and chocolates that look yummy… And if you are going whit that special one; there is also a box called “the love box” With goodies for lovers…the bed? Soft but firm at the same time with delicious big pillows… The showers? Have these multiple heads that give you a kind of massage when the water hits you in different places, and how does a T.V on the bathroom mirror sounds?

You can find this and much, much more in Antigua, Guatemala.

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