Tito’s in Trouble!


Get a load of this!  There’s beef in the Reggaeton world, but it’s no music beef…this one’s a tad bit different.

Reggaeton artist, Tito El Bambino, allegedly got into an altercation with a 16 year old boy in Puerto Rico at 1 am early Saturday morning.   Yes, you read right…SIXTEEN years old!  Apparently, the verbal disagreement escalated and later became physical, at which point Tito’s bodyguards got involved.


Needless to say, the boys parents were far from happy and went straight to the police! The details have yet to be disclosed, but the boy was taken to the hospital where he was said to be in stable condition.  Although he did not suffer any serious injuries, it was evident (from the obvious scars and bruises) that the fight turned pretty ugly!

The boy’s mother Blanca Nazario filed the police report, and we have yet to hear from Tito El Bambino’s camp.

Hopefully this was all just a huge misunderstanding, until then, the Puerto Rican police continue to investigate


Stay Tuned.

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