Sexy Latina Selena Gomez No Longer Single!!!

Selena Gomez is no longer the little girl we all saw in television, she is all grown up and let me tell this gorgeous Latina is turning into a beautiful woman, her long locks, big dark eyes, perfect face and lean body makes you want to  pull her closer for a kiss from her fuller lips, thank God she is no longer with the Biebs , right?


Selena Gomez sexy photosBelievers celebrated when their teen idol was back in the market and we were overjoyed to see Selena no longer with him, what did she looked in him anyway? sure, great body and great bank account, although we doubt she is after the Bieber’s cash, seriously with that face and that baby she can make as many Benjamins as she wants to.

But sadly for all of us, Selena might not be single after all.

Are they??!! Well we have several clues that might indicate they are! Justin twitted a picture; clue #1- today looking very close to each other but quickly deleted it! It looks like fans were faster though!

The young couple sparked reunion rumors when the 20 year old Selena flew to Norway and guess who is touring there?? Yup you got it!justinbieber-selenagomez-back-together-pic


That would be clue number #2! Gomez was spotted on April 19 getting of a plane at the airport in Oslo, Norway just around the time Justin was getting ready to hit the stage! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

We haven’t heard anything about her mysterious flight over there…Is she filming a new movie? Maybe we’ll help her with the tittle: ¨Jelina round 2¨

According to U.S weekly, Selena was indeed waiting backstage for Bieber

justin-selena-back 2013

The same source also reported they were seen kissing on the lips, holding hands and hugging. they looked really in love. Like nothing ever happened and they definitely looked like they were back together.

The young couple seems to have such a strong connection Justin even has her beloved on his iPhone wallpaper! That would be clue #3, he is definitely not trying to take her off his mind.

He is definitely missing her, he was seen carrying his iPhone with her picture what more proof there is! I guess the Latina really got a hold of his heart. They might have been together for a while now and they kept it a secret! But they can’t hide forever, the question now is why would Justin delete the picture? There could be a number of reasons for that; maybe they are still trying to work things out and don’t want to rush anything.

TMZ reported:

“It’s no coincidence they’re in the same country at the same time. Selena and Justin have seen each other periodically since breaking up at the end of 2012. He’s been “tortured’ because she’s been giving him mixed signals,”

I think there are no more mixed signals, representatives of both parties might not have officially spoken up on the reconciliation but judging from both parties’ latest posts, it is obvious Selena and Justin are back together! What are your thoughts? Do you think they might be getting back together for the wrong reasons? Are they just feeling lonely?

It might be Selena’s case! While Justin and Selena remained in touch, she didn’t actually have to think of him cause she was with her girls doing major promotion. Her latest Spring Breakers gave everyone the impression that Selena had moved on, and was totally focused on her career. Guess that is not the case, at least not anymore. By the way we should mention Selena and her co-stars were totally hot in spring Breakers!! makes you want to me 18 again!!


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