Ryan Gosling and Sexy Latin GF Eva Mendes at the Premiere of Place Beyond the Pines




Those of us  expecting those public demonstrations of affection from actor Ryan Gosling and hot Latina girlfriend Eva Mendes on Friday at the premiere of  their movie“The Place Beyond the Pines” in New York sure still be waiting for the smooching and the holing hands and the romantic strolls this is sacrilege! Do they know they are one of the hottest couples! They barely posed for a couple of pictures together! Even though they have been together for over a year the item did not got carried away with PDA not even once inside the theater even though they were seated together. I guess we might have to blame plain red carpet etiquette for an on and off screen couple!

Gosling and Mendes have been dating since September 2011 but they still try to keep things as private as possible arriving in separately even though they are staying together in the New York Area, Gosling taking his momma as his date, attending the party celebrating the movie also separately; I’m just saying it makes you wonder! Could it be there is trouble in paradise?? Well think again! Sorry ladies but certainly not trouble here is just the way they like it! And if you don’t believe me well get this! Apparently Gosling is super protective and a little jealous perhaps? Well you be the judge but certainly you better not try make any jokes to Eva if you don’t want to be on Ryan’s bad side! Right at the Place Beyond the Pines premiere on Friday a photographer who had recently worked with Mendez made the bold decision to call her “baby.”

When the photographer saw Mendes, he shouted “Hey baby.” Gosling 32 was not feeling it and reportedly lost his cool. An eyewitness says he got in the photographer’s face, asking, “Who are you calling ‘baby?'” Mendes got between the two to diffuse the situation, before it got out of hand! When all was said and done, the eyewitness says, “Ryan made nice and shook the guy’s hand.” Well I’m sure the couple did not want any scandals right! But his reactions was perfectly common having this sizzling woman for  his girl how could he not get just a little upset? Actually girls and you won’t let me lie, love this kind of attention!

What about the photographer? Think he was a little frisky or he was just trying to be “funny” Either way you don’t want to mess with Gosling’s Latin goddess.

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