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nieves jaller

It seems Argentina might just be the place to be! It looks like is the land of sexy Latina hotties! I f you haven’t had the luck to see one well, destiny might just want to change that fortune of yours! Meet Nieves Jaller.

The hot sultry Latina has recently made headlines for being being photographed in her birthday suit! The Argentinian who was involved in some kind of love triangle between pop music star and vocal coach on the country’s versions of the show, The Voice, Ale Sergi and Andrea Rincon, who’s delicious curves we’ve witness as well; has not leave anything to the imagination.

Of course, in fine Argentinean tradition, the two girls have to go on lots of talk shows in low cut tight short dresses to explain their sides of the story; this is actually very fun to watch, but not quite as exciting as seeing Nieves Jaller topless in H magazine, flashing her inflated tubes and out of this world hot body.

That is why we have hand picked Miss Jaller as our very own smoking hot, sexy Latina of the week! you can read on her twitter:

Alondra de Piel Suave, con alas débiles quebradas de Amor

Born Carolina de las Nieves Jaller, hasn’t kept quiet about her 4 year relationship with lead vocalist of the Argentinian banda. The brunet said she is not over Sergi and doesn’t explain herself how he moved on so fast.

“Con Ale no tenemos relación actualmente. Es una reciente ex pareja de cuatro años a la que todavía no pude olvidar y no sé como él pudo hacerlo tan fácilmente”

nieves jaller hot pic

During the interview she also talked about the singer’s sex performance saying he learned a lot being with her:

“Él creció mucho conmigo, crecimos juntos. Apenas nos conocimos me dijo que prefería hacer canciones antes que hacer el amor y lo volví loco”

The dancer who has her own group and go in presentations is also a cheerleader for the Argentine Sports Club, Boca Juniors. She works for Madaho’s one of the city’s top clubs according to Jaller.

Well, Sergi sure moved on into a polemic romance with vedette Andrea Rincon who were seen together in January during a vacation, they seem very much in love and announced their marriage plans.

Jeller latest opinion was:

“Ale Sergi es un gay reprimido y por eso está con Rincón que es un macho”

“Ale Sergi is gay and is dating Rincon because she is a macho”

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