Daddy Yankee Gay or not! Gay photos leaked: Fake or real!



Well, well, well what do we have here I´m sure you’ve heard about the Puerto Rican singer being accused of having change teams! Can this be true? He appears in the picture above kissing another dude! What the  heck is that! Disgusting!!

Social networks have been raging about this unfortunate issue for the singer. We first heard about the singer sending a message affirming his sexual orientation was in fact of being a gay man and that he was sorry he did not talked about this openly sooner! After the outrageous declarations came the visual! The picture ran like faster than a roadrunner over the web. Of course when a bomb like this emerges the first thing is to expect the reaction I mean is he really him on that picture who really cares about the other guy but can you tell if is in fact the famous reaggetonero?

Daddy Yankee’s people as it was expected to be honest did not wait long and said this was all not true! His manager Mayna Nevarez said the scandalous news had come from shockingly a Puerto Rican source which is constantly attacking the singer. The shocking part is that is people rom his own country! Why would they bother to aggravate the famous singer.

Not being enough with his managers declarations, Daddy Yankee himself got into his twitter account venting his anger to say the least by twitting:



Ok, now I get he is angry and it must be very frustrating in so many levels to be attacked like that but he could be more careful when he uses the same platforms to get all the millions he is flaunting you know!

Only because I like his music and because I’m on his side I’ll defend my raza by saying that, it is a funny fact actually and here it is: Almost all Puerto Rican dudes look alike! Take a look at the picture below for instance! I’m almost 100% sure that neither of those two-disgrace for my race-is Daddy Yankee. Now get this, I think is also important to consider; having in mind the singer is huge in the Latin Market and yeah also in the US…fans are going to try to coppy his trend setting style all over! Just like it happens with any other famous star. So there is no denying the men we see in both pictures are gay but what if they just copy Yankee’s style! What I call wannabes!


daddy yankee-fake

Well prank or not the Latino has made sure to tell the world that is not him and that he has been a married man since the age of 18 and has now three kids with his wife! And even when being married is not the solution anymore is more like an excuse in some cases; I believe you man! What bout you?

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