Barbara Turbay is one of NBL Favorites to win!

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Colombian bombshell and Miss World Colmbia, Barbara Turbay has transformed into a beautiful butterfly. This 21 year old was first casted for the Latin Reality – Beauty Pageant in 2010 Osmel Sousa, a starring judge and one of the most feared if I may add- sent her home! The reason? Well because she was a couple of pounds over the weight they were looking for!

Since then, stunning Barbara took it all in and took two years to get prepped and make sure she got the “Yes” all this girls who audition long to hear! We can tell she has worked her bootylicious off!! So Osmel had no other choice than to make her one of the 12 contestants of season seven in the Univision network show.

And then they were 10! Two out of the twelve girls have been cut so far but Barbara who’s first job ever was at a restaurant stands out a mile away!

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Let’s get to know her a little better; she was born August 15 1991 in Bogota Colombia, she currently lives in Miami, Florida; she is a Leo, loves pets and is single! Her special talent? Acting! And when asked “what do you see yourself doing in the future? The model responded:

Trabajando en Univision, creciendo como actriz y presentadora.



Want to know more about this stunning Latina? I bet you do!

She has a younger brother

She loves music

Her favorite sport is Volleyball

She was first kissed at 15 years old

She prefers comedy and action movies

She has six pets

Just like any other Colombian, loves coffee and is her only addiction.

Her favorite vacation: The beach

Her favorite fruit is Guanabana

She loves the morning smell of freshly cut grass

Her favorite color is hot pink

She is a chocolate lover.

There you have some basics about her; although I can’t tell the future she is definitely on top of the list to win Nuestra Belleza Latina. She identified Audris Rijo and Viviana Ortíz to be her biggest competition to win the crown so she know she has to work hard.

Her twitter reads:


We are rooting for you!!! You go girl! Arriba Latinos! Don’t miss a new episode of NBL this Sunday and look out for Barbara!

You can see more pictures of her here.

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