How to Date a Latina


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Tujamo – Booty Bounce (Official Music Video)


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Lincoln Motors Partners with Revel Audio in 2015

Revel Salon2 System

The modern latino always want the latest and the best in EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to automobiles and audio.  This week we experienced the latest audio technology of Revel Audio Systems by Harman with Lincoln Motor Company. Let's just say it was paradise for our ears. The Lincoln Motor Company announced an exclusive 10-year collaboration with Revel that will add the premium … [Read more...]

5 Ways Exercise Can Improve your Sex Life

exercise better sex life

Looking to revive that flame in bed, well exercise might just be what you need! It may not be a goal you want to bring to your trainer but this sure is a dam good reason to hit the gym as often as you can, now it seems staying in shape and looking good might come in second! You can improve your sexual athleticism through training and if you want to turn up that heat in the bedroom it can be as … [Read more...]

A Guide to Seductive Strokes


How to Give the Ultimate Massage   In today’s episode we have Massage Therapist Joanne Savarese teaches Dan Soder the Mansome way to give a back massage. You start by warming up with the effleurage, a slow relaxing stroke from the shoulders to the hips. Follow up with the petrissage, which works deeper into the muscles. Finally, get out the knots with just the right amount of pressure … [Read more...]

VIDEO: How To Get Dumped: 8 Be A Bad Date


There's nothing sexier than a man who is late to dinner, wears sweatpants to a fancy restaurant, and doesn't offer to pay for the bill. Turn yourself into the date from hell, and before you know it, Niagara will look like a slow drip compared to what's going on her southern front. There will only be so much of your bad date antics she can take before she's running from you at a pace that would … [Read more...]

VIDEO: How To Get Dumped: 9 Let Yourself Go


Let's be honest here for a minute. As men, we spend a lot of time during adulthood trying to suppress our underlying bachelor nature. Most of this is because we don't want to scare off any women we're trying to date. So flip the script and completely let loose your inner slob. Pee with the seat down, wear stains on your shirt like an eagle scout badge, and try to transform your living quarters … [Read more...]

VIDEO: How To Get Dumped: 10 Hang Out With Her Friends


Want your girlfriend to really hate your guts? Just start hanging out and getting uncomfortably close with her attractive female friends. She'll love the way you respect her boundaries and take her feelings into consideration. Make sure to text them often and not show her the messages. Make movie plans and day-dates when she's busy. Nothing will show her your committed to your relationship like … [Read more...]

10 Things Girls Wish You Knew


Wish You Knew: 10 Don't Impress Wish You Knew: 9 Shave Legs Wish You Knew: 8 Mean To Her Wish You Knew: 7 Money Wish You Knew: 6 Introduce GF Wish You Knew: 5 Keep Secrets Wish You Knew: 4 Text Back Wish You Knew: 3 Self Conscious  Wish You Knew: 2 Write I Love You Wish You Knew: 1 Mad Attention SOURCE:   … [Read more...]

The Perfect Gift For Her This Christmas


In this gift guide absolutely every type of gift is covered and if you're stumped about what to get her something in here will definitely spark your interest and make you laugh at the same time. … [Read more...]