Moschino Wants You to Live Like a King


Photo: Instagram/@brucepask Moschino is pretty well known for their off-the-wall designs. It's not exactly the sort of thing you see on the street, and that's their whole bag, and that's just swell. Since the brand is helmed by potentially certifiably insane Jeremy Scott, all the over the top style comes as a surprise to nobody. At their latest show in Milan there was a clear message: Baroque. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Guy inspires with the exact same dance in 100 places


In a sequel to his previous viral video, “100 days of dance,” Bray has released “100 Places of Dance.” In this latest video, he does the same dance in 100 places to the tune of Parov Stelar’s “The Sun.” … [Read more...]

VIDEO: How To Piss Off Your Girlfriend In 66 Seconds


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VIDEO: Guys Try Leggings For The First Time


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VIDEO: How It Feels When The Toilet Paper Runs Out


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VIDEO: Internet Slang Explained By Dan Rather


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Wax Pitbull Is the Best Pitbull Has Ever Looked

Pitbull fondles a statue of himself.

Photo: Splash NewsWe've gotta hand it to wax Pitbull, he looks great. The stylists at Madame Tussauds Orlando did our dude a favor. The shawl collar, the perfectly fit shoulders, and okay, we might hem the pants, but this is such an improvement! It's a far cry from this, and easily the best he's ever looked. We hope real Pitbull follows in the stationery footsteps of his wax brother. He can't even … [Read more...]

Puerto Ricans vs. Dominicans


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VIDEO: The Real Reason Guys Say I’d Hit That


Why do guys even say “I’d hit that.” … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Watch These Guys Horribly Fail At An Elite Fitness Competition


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