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Lincoln Motors Partners with Revel Audio in 2015

Revel Salon2 System

The modern latino always want the latest and the best in EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to automobiles and audio.  This week we experienced the latest audio technology of Revel Audio Systems by Harman with Lincoln Motor Company. Let's just say it was paradise for our ears. The Lincoln Motor Company announced an exclusive 10-year collaboration with Revel that will add the premium … [Read more...]

Wendy’s Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta: La Película (Patrocinado)


¿Quieres hacerte famoso? Bueno, pues este es tu momento. Wendy’s ha publicado el avance de su primer cortometraje de la historia titulado L’Estrella De La Toscana, protagonizado por el nuevo y audaz sándwich Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta y por un divertido reparto de personajes. Este cortometraje fue inspirado por las películas italianas subtituladas de los años 60, pero contiene una sorpresa … [Read more...]

A Man’s Root Beer Float


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Wendy’s Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta: La Película (Patrocinado)


Wanna get famous? Well now it’s your time to shine. Wendy's has released the trailer for their first-ever short film, "L’Estrella De La Toscana," starring the new bold Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta sandwich along with a quirky cast of characters. This short-film was inspired by sub-titled Italian cinema of the 1960s with a delicious twist. Wendy's is inviting you to submit captions based on scenes … [Read more...]