Top 10 YouTube Women’s Fitness Channels


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Men’s Fitness 101: Chest


Did you know that your chest is broken down into three different muscle areas, all of which may need some special exercises to fully grow? Follow Darrell Holloman, fitness expert and model, as he walks through the exercises, diet and mind set that leads to a well-developed chest. … [Read more...]

Brazil Launches Program To Save Armadillo

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Modern Latinos - Brazil Launches Program To Save Armadillo The South American country Brazil will host this year's 2014 World Cup Tournament. The official mascot, the three-banded armadillo, is in danger of extinction due to deforestation and game within northeastern region. Thanks to the Environment Ministry, Brazil will start a program to prevent hunting of the animal as well as direct … [Read more...]

Fighting Weight: Surfset Balance Workout


Strengthen and stabilize your core with this balance workout from Surfset creator Mike Hartwick. … [Read more...]

How to Brush & Groom Your Puppy | Puppy Care


Learn how to brush and groom your puppy from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this Howcast video. … [Read more...]

Vitamins You Can Do Without


Vitamins and supplements are some of the most unregulated things we put in our bodies. In this episode Dr. Stork highlights which vitamins you might not need to take and how overdosing on these supplements can negatively impact your health. … [Read more...]



The secret to the perfect shave is to take a little extra time. Special guest John Allan shows Roger Hailes the Mansome way to shave. Prepare your face with some steam or a hot towel. Treat it with a solution to soften the hair. Only then are you ready to apply some shaving cream. Shave with the grain, but make sure to reapply the cream before you shave against it. Splash your face with cold … [Read more...]

Fighting Weight: Six Pack Abs – Beach Edition


Erik Valdez meets up with Mike Chang in Santa Monica to learn how to get a chiseled six pack and avoid making huge mistakes in burning belly fat to get the defined six pack you want. … [Read more...]

Surfset Upper Body Workout


Trainer Mike Hartwick shares an at home Surfset upper body workout focused on biceps, chest, and triceps … [Read more...]

Boot Camp 3 Minute Leg Workout


Our host Eric goes to Boot Camp in this episode, with trainer Noah Neiman taking us through a demanding leg workout … [Read more...]