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Hannibal Buress Freaks Out Over Lack of Hawaiian Shirts

Hannibal Buress wants you to know that his new show, Why?, premieres July 8th on Comedy Central. But things apparently aren't going all that smoothly in the production process. During the taping of a promo for the show, Hannibal lashed out at his cast and crew for their lack of intensity, not in their passion for their work, but in their shirt game. Only one of his crew members was wearing their … [Read More...]


Experience the Best of Both Worlds with the All-New 2016 HR-V Crossover from Honda

You navigate two worlds. You need a car that helps you move through both of them. That’s why we created the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V Crossover, a vehicle as adaptable as you. The HR-V Crossover is agile, spacious and truly versatile; making it pure fun to drive. Enjoy it’s array of advanced technology, like standard rearview camera and available LaneWatch™ . It also has multiple cargo … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Guy inspires with the exact same dance in 100 places

In a sequel to his previous viral video, “100 days of dance,” Bray has released “100 Places of Dance.” In this latest video, he does the same dance in 100 places to the tune of Parov Stelar’s “The Sun.” … [Read More...]


Beer Tricks You Won’t Believe Actually Work (But Do!)

Keep calm and have a beer. … [Read More...]


Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Performances

Since the turn of the century she has become film reel royalty, and these are all of her best bits! … [Read More...]



The Short-Sleeved Suit Is Happening

Suits: the one article of men's clothing that sees immense change season to season through different fabrics, fits, and price, and yet hardly changes at all. A jacket with lapels and bottoms in a matching fabric is basically all you need to constitute suitdome. But at Acne Studios' Spring-Summer 2016 presentation, the Swedish brand introduced a new innovation to the tailoring game—short sleeves. … [Read More...]


Wait, Are Croakies Back?

Croakies—those stringy things that keep one's sunglasses secured to one's face, or allow said eyewear to dangle freely from one's neck—are generally considered a defining component of what is known as the "Uber-Bro" look. They typically appear alongside gingham shirts, pastel shorts, flip-flops, and other smugly non-stylish summer items. But is this about to change? In recent seasons, we've seen … [Read More...]


How to Change Your Bathing Suit in Public

Going swimming should be fun, carefree, liberating. Instead it is rife with uncertainty and anxiety. Is my body summer ready? Will the pockets of my swimsuit inflate underwater like two swollen ears? Should I have thought more about the hair on my lower back? Is what I see in the mirror "dadbod"? How am I going to get out of these slim jeans--damn these hipster pants--and into swim trunks in front … [Read More...]

JARHEAD, 2005, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Buzz Cut

Photo: Everett CollectionThinking of taking the buzz cut plunge? You're not the first, and you certainly won't be the last. Before you decide to turn to the clippers, ask yourself the following questions. If any answers give you pause, make you scratch your long-haired head, or concern you, put the trimmer down and reassess the decision. 1. Do I have to shower to get my hair to look normal in the … [Read More...]


This Flock of Frenchmen is Making the Case for Grandpa Socks

Photo: Bruce Pask/Instagram Berluti, pioneer of Grandadcore. Coming this Spring-Summer 2016 … [Read More...]